Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Ohio State ducks questions

This is truly lame. And we wish we had time to post it yesterday.

Rather than have a press conference where he'd be asked legitimate questions about the craziness surrounding his football program, Ohio State athletic director Gene Smith opted for the cop-out. He/The School released a video statement via YouTube.

Sorry, that is just crap. That's avoiding the public. That's trying to keep things quiet. That's a total and complete cop-out.

You owe it to your fanbase and supporters. You owe to the NCAA. You owe it to everyone with a legitimate question about what happened.

All this proves is TOSU is in denial. They still refuse to believe they have to answer for their indiscretions. By now, most have read the scathing Sports Illustrated report and realize these guys are in deep doo-doo. They are aware their star Quarterback is under investigation for possessing more cars than any of us will in our lifetimes. But yet they still avoid taking responsibility for it.

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