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Future West Va. coach Dana Holgersen: Alcoholic, problem or bad luck?

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Hmmm. Future West Virginia head football coach Dana Holgorsen appears to have some baggage that's come along with him. According to the Huntington, West Virginia Herald-Dispatch, Holgorsen has been tossed from anywhere from 3 to 6 places in the past six months---for being drunk and disorderly.

Holgorsen was asked to leave the Mardi Gras Casino, May 18th after the Casino called police to help them remove an intoxicated customer who wouldn't leave. That customer was Holgorsen. No charges were filed, but apparently it wasn't the 1st time it's happened either.

According to the report, and a supplemental story from a Wheeling, West Virginia paper, Holgorsen has ben asked to leave 2 other Casino's this year for similar incidents. He's also been allegedly banned at the Pete Dye Golf Club in Bridgeport and supposedly is not allowed at the bar at the Morgantown hotel that he's living at.

Read the Herald-Dispatch story RIGHT HERE

Holgorsen was hired in December to take over the West Virginia football program in 2012 from Bill Stewart. That unto itself was odd. Holgorsen will be the offensive coordinator in 2011, before taking the reins. He was given a 6-year, $14.25 million contract to do it.

It sounds like he's got a problem. And it's a problem that he better get taken care After the Mardi Gras casino incident, he apparently released a statement saying "I will not put myself in that situation again."

As most people know, the 1st step in solving a drinking problem is admitting there is a problem. And while the evidence is a bit circumstantial, it sure sounds like that is what is happening here.

If Holgorsen doesn't make a drastic change, it's only a matter of time before his "Problem" will put him on the unemployment line.

Here is Holgorsen's introductory presser from December. Thanks WVU:

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