Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Bush versus the Foul Ball

((ht: myfoxorlando))

Whenever you sit in the lower section at a baseball game there is a warning posted "Please pay attention to the game, foul balls can enter this area" or something like that.

Apparently, former president and former owner of the Texas Rangers George W. Bush has people that worry about that for him.

Last night in a game against the Chicago White Sox, Rangers 3rd baseman Adrian Beltre hits a high, foul ball right toward W's box. It pretty much headed right toward him, along with White Sox catcher A.J Pierzynski who was trying to catch it.

A.J didn't get to the ball, it was out of play, but in landed in the back of his box. Pierzynski couldn't resist the chance to chat up the former prez.

The video, until pulled, from FoxOrlando:

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