Thursday, May 26, 2011

Uh oh, Ray Small...more trouble for Ohio State?

Ray Small/Courtesy:

Ooops. It appears the Ohio State student newspaper has a bit of a story to report today. The school's paper, The Lantern conducted an interview with former wide receiver Ray Small and it's a doozy.

In the interview, Small basically verifies just about every accusation and rumor out there about the school, including the selling of championship rings and other memorabilia.

He also goes on to describe how "Well" he and others were taken care of at a particular local car dealership, Jack Maxton Chevrolet. Specifically, he references salesman Aaron Kniffin.

You'll remember the Chevy dealer and Kniffin in particular were brought up in the last round of accusations against the school, basically saying they cut some pretty sweet deals for athletes.

You really, REALLY, need to read this story RIGHT HERE

We are immensely interested in the "Ohio State" fan reaction to this. The fan base has already cried about everyone "Having it out for them" and that it's a "Conspiracy" and not true. It's being made up by outsiders and things like that. That despite all the documentation that coach Jim Tressel lied to the NCAA and the mounting evidence showing other wrongdoing.

This however is a group of college students doing their jobs. And while we empathize with Small and the other athletes doing what they need to do to pay the bills, it's still against the rules.

We are growing more and more sure by the day Ohio State is in deep doo-doo, it remains to be seen just how deep that doo-doo pile will be.

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