Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Paul Splittorff Passes Away

[HT: The Kansas City Star]

The death of former Kansas City Royals pitcher Paul Splittorff won't register as big as Harmon Killebrew's but for Royals fans and those in the Midwest that watched Royals baseball growing up it's a big loss.

The man know as "Splitt" died Wednesday morning after a battle with oral cancer and melanoma, he was 64.

Splittorff became the face of the Royals pitching staff from it's infancy to their quick success in the American League during the 1970's. He became the franchises first 20 game winner in 1973. He was a "Yankee Killer" never losing to the Yankees in the ALCS even though the Royals could never get past the Bronx Bombers until 1980 when the Royals finally broke through.

When Splittorff's career ended after the 1984 season he became a broadcaster for not only the Royals, but Big 12 basketball.

Royals fans and baseball fans in the Midwest are mourning the loss of "Splitt".

Here's an interview with Splittorff in September 2010.

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