Tuesday, May 10, 2011

DEVELOPING: Ice Edge Pulling Away From Hulsizer

((HT: Arizona Republic/Sanders))

With the vote by the City of Glendale coming tonight for paying the NHL another US$25M to keep the Coyotes from moving, an interesting bit of news comes from Sanders article this afternoon.

On the eve of the vote, Ice Edge Holdings- the former owner-wannabe-then-minority partner- has pulled their interest from the Hulsizer group saying that they just want to move on...

From Sanders:

"It was purely a decision based on the fact we have been involved with this for two years," ((lead Ice Edge head Anthony LeBlanc)) said. "We just didn't feel comfortable spending any additional time on it."

Ice Edge is now focusing on bringing minor league hockey back to Thunder Bay, Ontario as LeBlanc also plans a run for parliament in his home riding.

Matthew Hulsizer's response was that he could replace Ice Edge's investment and their loss won't affect his group.

More when we know more...

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