Monday, May 16, 2011

Drayton McClane sells Astros to Jim Crane for $680 million

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Boy, it must be nice to be Houston area businessman Jim Crane. Crane just dropped a cool $680 million to buy the Houston Astros from long-time owner Drayton McClane. The announcement will be made at a 2pm central time press conference.

The Astros have struggled in recent years as McClane insisted on hanging on to aging, high priced, unproductive veterans rather than grow their own players. Arguably, the Astros are currently the worst team in baseball.

You can read about the new owner Jim Crane in this Houston Chronicle story RIGHT HERE

Mr. Crane will be trying to rebuild the once proud franchise and we wish him luck. His ownership group consists of several well-known and high falutin' Houston area businessmen.

Don't feel sorry for the selling owner here either. Drayton McClane bought the team for $117 million. That means he's making about $563 million more than he paid for the team.

Is it bad that when we think Astro, we think of this?

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FOSG Mark Berman leads the charge...

McLane Sells Astros to Crane:

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