Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Enjoy your NBA Playoffs: Strike/Lockout looming

NBA Union Chief Billy Hunter and Commish David Stern
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Because we now know that all Sports fans are learning the finer details of labor law thanks to the NFL, we wanted to remind you about this.

The NBA is headed down the same path the NFL is going.

Yeah, that's right. And it could be uglier than the NFL's problems.

The Los Angeles Times has an interview with the head of the NBA Players Association and if what he says is true, NBA fans, you've got a problem.

According to a memo first reported on by the Sports Business Journal and repeated by many, the NBA is looking to cut their overhead. By that we mean costs...or more specifically, salaries.

The NBA is supposedly pushing for a 22% reduction on their salary cap and get rid of the current "Luxury Tax" for those big spenders who blow past it. A big reason, apparently more than 50% of the leagues teams lost money in 2009-10.

Read the original story from the Times RIGHT HERE

Yes, you should be worried Mr. NBA fan. The players are going to fight such a drastic pay cut. Hard. We aren't shocked at the report NBA teams are losing money, we don't quite honestly see how they could be making money. The salaries paid in that league are quite honestly, obscene. Joe Johnson getting a $125 million contract--really? There are no athletes, and shouldn't be any CEO's making that kind of money. Period.

Obviously, we will keep an eye on this story because it will be developing as the summer progresses. We just wanted to let you know, in case you didn't, that the NFL may not be the only league staring down labor issues.

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