Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Gus Alert: Gus Johnson moves to FOX from CBS

Our man Gus/Courtesy: thepenaltyflagblog.com
Well, the good news is, we'll still get our Gus fix during the NFL season. However, we will no longer get our March madness featuring the maddest announcer of them all.

Gus Johnson, he of the crazy end of game call, as we reported last week, no longer works for CBS Sports. But, he will be officially announced as part of the FOX Sports team today.

More from the New York Daily News RIGHT HERE

Okay, we are taking deep breaths here. The cult of Gus will continue with him doing NFC games (when/if the NFL resumes) and Pac 12 football. However, most of us east of the Mississippi won't see or don't watch Pac 12 football.

Supposedly, some in the world of CBS Sports were not happy that Gus had rapidly become a huge part of the NCAA Tournament voice. And considering the ego's involved in TV, that doesn't surprise us. Disappoint us, yes, surprise no.

Guess that means we'll get more of the "Golf Whisperer" (Jim Nantz).

Since we won't get basketball Gus anymore, re-live a video we posted awhile back with Gus describing great moments in history. Thanks Funny-or-Die:

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