Monday, May 9, 2011

Mark Turgeon's Decision: Maryland Or Texas A&M (UPDATED)


Jeff Goldman at is reporting that Texas A&M head coach Mark Turgeon will make a decision perhaps today as to whether he will accept an offer from Maryland to become the new head coach of the Terps or remain in College Station.
According to Goldman Turgeon is leaning toward accepting it.

Why wouldn't Turgeon. Texas A&M is a football school and basketball will always be something to do in the winter time before spring football starts.

Basketball is the center of the Maryland universe, the way it was at Kansas when Turgeon was a point guard for the Jayhawks.

Turgeon would be in charge of a top level program in the ACC. Plus I hav a feeling Maryland pays a lot better for it's basketball coach than Texas A&M.

More when we know it.

We know it...
2100 UPDATE: Goodman is now saying Maryland...

Chick Hernandez of CSNWashington is saying on his Twitter feed that there is a presser set for noon Wednesday for the Turgeon announcement...

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