Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Monday NBA Playoffs: Surprise, Surprise, Surprise

How many people had Dallas beating L.A and Atlanta beating Chicago in the first game of their respective series...as the visitors?

Yeah, thought so.

Well, they did. The Hawks got 34 points from Joe Johnson and some solid defense from forgotten backup point guard Jeff Teague and took care of the heavily favored Chicago Bulls 103-95.

The schizophrenic Hawks took control early and never really relinquished the lead. Most so-called "Experts" had them getting swept and beaten in 5 games. And while the 5-game part is still an outside possibility, the Hawks seem to have stood up and said "We ain't going down without a fight".

Your highlights from SI.com/NBA TV:

As for Dallas, the Mavs woke up the Lakers too. Dirk Nowitzki dropped 28 on the Lakers in L.A. with some good defense and making Kobe Bryant try and be the man by himself. Which is probably the only way you have a chance against the Champs.

While the win doesn't forebode a Mavericks trip to the finals, it at least, much like the Hawks-Bulls series says "Ok, we're here to play, you better be ready".

Your highlights again from SI.com/NBA TV:

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