Monday, May 2, 2011

NHL sends Glendale $25 million bill for Coyotes losses

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Yikes! This story is one of the more bizarre stories in Sports today. Apparently, the NHL is billing the city of Glendale, Arizona $25 million to cover the leagues losses while operating the Phoenix Coyotes this past season.

The city, for some inane reason promised to guarantee they'd cover the leagues losses on the franchise while they search for an owner. They found one, but are having to pay him to make the purchase, something that hasn't gone over very well and in fact has delayed the sale from actually happening.

Read the story from the Arizona Republic RIGHT HERE

This story gets stupider by the day. Yeah, we get that the league wants the team to stay in the Phoenix area, but at what cost. And as for the city of Glendale....what they are doing is nothing short of criminal. The city is trying to find financing so Matthew Hulsizer can buy the team...with their money? Huh?

God, we hope they don't do this sale. It's being argued against by the Goldwater Institute. And while we don't necessarily lean in that political direction, it is outrageous that any city would be financing the sale of a professional sports team. The Green Bay Packers would be an exception since they are actually "Owned" by people in the city.

It may mean something...and it may not, but Coyotes assistant coach Ulf Samuelsson left the team today to go be a head coach in the Sweedish Elite League.

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