Sunday, May 1, 2011

Roger McDowell suspended for 2 weeks for comments

Roger McDowell/Courtesy:

Atlanta Braves pitching coach Roger McDowell won't be doing any coaching for at least the next 2 weeks. The reason, he's being suspended by Major League Baseball without pay after being accused of making homophobic slurs and crude comments and gestures towards some fans at a game in San Francisco on April 23rd.

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If this is all McDowell gets, he should consider himself lucky. People have lost their jobs for what he's being accused of doing and saying. Particularly in his business.

What may have sealed the deal here, is a report out of San Francisco that backs up what McDowell is being accused of. This came from another person seated near the man (Justin Quinn), who retained Gloria Allred and filed a lawsuit. 

You can read that story from the San Francisco Chronicle RIGHT HERE

Hmmm. We've interviewed McDowell our ownselves a few times during our run in Atlanta and he didn't come across as someone who would randomly fly off the handle. But...he was also known as a bit of an oddball when he was a player.

Like we said, the fact he's still going to have a job--at least for now, makes him a lucky man. What payment or settlement or agreement the Braves and/or Major League Baseball has come to with Mr. Quinn and attorney Allred, remains to be seen.

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