Saturday, May 7, 2011

Seve Ballesteros passes away

Seve Ballesteros/Courtesy:
Golfing champion Severiano Ballesteros passed away early Saturday morning after a long battle with brain cancer. Ballesteros was 54.

We and many other outlets reported yesterday about the deterioration of Ballesteros's health. His family released a statement at that time saying: "We will update you on his condition through his website".

The website reports on Seve's passing, read it RIGHT HERE

Ballesteros was one of the most beloved golfers ever to play on the PGA Tour, he won the Masters twice, the British Open as well. He also captained Europe to a Ryder Cup victory in 1997.

He had undergone 4 different surgeries to alleviate the brain tumors and several rounds of chemotherapy, in the end, it didn't help.

We saw Ballesteros golf in person several times and there was always something about him that drew you in. Be it the larger than life personality, the wild and impossible golf shots, whatever, he'll always be remembered as one of the true golfing greats all-time.

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