Friday, May 13, 2011

Auburn Board Of Trustees Vote Reopened...???


And this would mean, in all honesty, that Bobby Lowder would be out of his last job...

Back in April, the press secretary for current Governor Robert Bentley said Bentley's decisive vote to reappoint Lowder as an Auburn University trustee was "based on his leadership" and was not influenced by a $25,000 campaign donation from Lowder's wife.

The question being begged then: Do you REALLY want that kind of leadership on the Trustees board considering all that Lowder did and the geographical shifting that, technically, made him eligible all over again from a different Post position...???

The Selection Committee voted 3-2 to reappoint at the time. Bentley's press secretary, Jennifer Ardis, said the governor felt Auburn "has great momentum and it was important to keep the leadership team in place."


Lowder's wife, Charlotte, donated $25,000 to Bentley's campaign in September. Ardis said contributions to Bentley's campaign have not and will not influence his decision on appointees.


But that's where the fun starts today...

Alabama Senate President Del Marsh says that he is blocking action on the nominations to the Auburn University board of trustees, and wants to restart the selection process.

“I’m not pleased with the process that got us here, and I’m not alone,”
said Marsh. “I think we can do better.”

Marsh controls which votes can go when in the Alabama state house, and he's feeling the heat, as an Auburn alumnus. Governor Bentley announced March 31 that he was seeking nominations, with an April 8 deadline for names to be submitted.

The committee got more than 200 submissions, but according to Talbot:

Marsh said that the committee conducted no interviews and approved its recommendations just 10 days after the deadline, suggesting that it gave inadequate time to considering the nominees.

The committee recommended the approval of three new members and six from the current board, including the controversial Bobby Lowder. Lowder, former chairman of Colonial Bank, has served on the board since 1983 and is opposed by a growing number of alumni.

Marsh wants to restructure the geography on the board and where each member comes from. It has been in place since 1961.

Auburn alums and football fans alike hope the writing is on wall this time...
((HT: OANews/youtube))

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