Monday, May 16, 2011

The history of SportsCenter: The Olbermann era

Olbermann and Dan Patrick/Courtesy:

I wonder how many of us Sports fans will be buying this book. The book in question "Behind the Rise of SportsCenter". An un-mitigating look behind the TV show, that love 'em or hate 'em helped put ESPN on the map.

GQ magazine has an excerpt from the book and for those of us who were around to witness the explosion on TV, it gives a quick, behind the scenes look at apparently one of most polarizing figures in the history of ESPN, Keith Olbermann.

Read the excerpt from RIGHT HERE

Some revelations in there. Like many of you, we read the Olbermann/Dan Patrick penned book "The Big Show" and, well, it didn't come across like this.

We know a few people who work up north at the 4-letter and they love the experience. It's something we contemplated doing at various points in our professional career. We are definitely now, glad that never happened.

For the sake of the many talented people that work there, we hope the atmosphere of "Not developing" someone who could become bigger than the show is disappointing. Our experience in TV tells us that you need breakout stars to be memorable, to make yourself standout. And while yeah, we get the fact that the 4-letter has pretty much killed off most of the competition for now, eventually someone will come after you.

And yes, we know they have the rights to almost every sport in existence.

And this is one of the spots that made this promotion famous:

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