Monday, May 16, 2011

Your NFL Strike/Lockout Update: More mediation (Rich vs. Rich--Day 3,227)

Cris Collinsworth/Courtesy:
We return to our mildly successful series of rants only because there are few odd things to report on the quite possibly stupidest litigation in the history of Sports.

Yes, the NFL and the NFLPA (Not a Union), return to the scene of their Court ordered Mediation today in Minneapolis. And quite honestly, outside of some NFL Beat Writers with nothing better to do, most people don't care.

But yet we are writing about it.

I know.

While this pointless exercise featuring such famous names as Judge Arthur Boylan and owners such as John Mara, the ever exciting Mike Brown, Art Rooney and Jerry Richardson, it's a virtual made for Newspaper story.

No, the story here, still resides in the slow motion movements of the 8th Circuit Court of Appeals who have managed to drag out the "Temporary Stay" keeping the lockout in place, out for now 3-weeks. The "Temporary Stay" was supposed to be for them to read and make a preliminary ruling. That "Temporary Stay" looks like it will be carried over at least until the scheduled hearing on June 3rd.

In the meantime, we give you a well thought out, logical explanation of how long the stupidity will continue, by the best analyst on TV, Cris Collinsworth who says he doesn't think you'll see NFL Football until at least November.

Read the story from Collinsworth's website RIGHT HERE

This scenario makes some sense. And we really hope that he's right and the fans are pissed off. They should be.

All of us are being played the fool by both groups here. They still can't put aside some minor disagreements mostly having to do with not how much they make, but why they can't make more.

For the owners: Perhaps you should have thought about your profit margins before demanding the 8,912 luxury suites in your stadium. Maybe 2,000 would have been more cost effective. It's impossible to believe anything you people say, because for you it's all about bleeding your fans dry.

For the players: You are a bunch of incredibly greedy bastards. Most of you make more money than any of us could dream about. And you spend more than you make. So you need more. Until some, no, any of you start acting like a grown up and be responsible with your money, you'll not get our sympathy.


And always remember: Stupid is as stupid does

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