Sunday, May 8, 2011

Kevin Harvick vs. Kyle Busch...getting physical

Post-race incident/Courtesy: Images
 For those of you (us included), who missed the end of last nights Southern Showtime 500 at the Darlington Raceway in South Carolina, you/we missed quite a race.

The winner, was Regan Smith, a first time race winner. Congratulations to him.

However, that win was far overshadowed by the near brawl between Kevin Harvick and Kyle Busch as a result of an incident near the end of the race.

If you watch the video, you'll see Harvick and Busch's cars come one in front of the other on pit row after the race ended, Harvick gets out of the car, go over to Busch's car and appears to throw a punch. Busch wants no part of it, nudges Harvick's car, which rolls into the wall and drives off. We might also mention, Harvick spun out Clint Bowyer leading into all the shenanigans.

It gets better.

The two teams were parked next to each other in the garage area. Hostilities ensued and the teams had to be separated. Both drivers were immediately sent to the principal's office (The NASCAR trailer)

You can read's full account of the craziness RIGHT HERE

As bad as this sounds, in a backhanded way, it's going to be good for NASCAR, a sports that was THE up-and-coming Sport that has seemingly lost all of its momentum the past couple of years. They can use the attention, good...or bad.

As for Mr. Harvick and Mr.Busch, you can expect fines of some sort, but that probably will be it. The two have had an on-and-off feud for the past couple of years now and yes, it's escalating. But NASCAR isn't going to suspend two of its best drivers unless they just do something completely idiotic. And while this was certainly stupid...and on several levels really funny, it doesn't quite reach idiotic level...yet. provides us with the video. The craziness comes about the 1:40 mark.


Anonymous said...

Kyle can act innocent but he almost took out multiple drivers behind him and Harvick by hooking Harvick. Uncalled racing is hooking someone on purpose in the final laps of a race. Harvick and Kyle play rough, the pushing of an unmanned car on pit road with as many people down is dangerous and he needs to sit out a couple races. If he can't use his head he needs to sit out!

phil cantor said...

Don't disagree with a grown up world they both should probably sit. But NASCAR hasn't shown any inclination of making anyone do that...for pretty much anything at this point.