Monday, May 2, 2011

The Lockout Continues: Long live the lockout

Roger Goodell and owners/courtesy: file
Lost among all the draft news, Bin Laden news and everything else over the past few days is the stupid labor arguments in the NFL. (No, we aren't doing our daily updates anymore)

On Friday, as most of you know, the 8th Circuit Court of Appeals granted the NFL a stay on Judge Susan Nelson decision barring them from locking out the players. And we now have reached "Ludicrous Speed".

We took great joy in hearing the Jolly Roger get booed at the draft, he had it coming.

Folks, this is just plain getting ridiculous. From the op-ed Goodell wrote last week to the Wall Street Journal saying the draft will cease to exist, the rich teams will be successful and it will be utter chaos..dogs and cats living together...chaos.

To the appeal of the appeal, this is just getting stupid. The owners had some sentiment going in...not any more. They want there money...and are going to do whatever it takes to get it.

So, instead, we get facilities open for 2 days (1st day of the draft), players getting a day of rehab and some getting playbooks...and we're back in court.

What is going to happen in court? Honestly, we don't know. The NFL tried to strategically appeal in a "Ultra-conservative" court with the hope they'd be anti-labor and agree with them. All the 8th Circuit has agreed to at this point is to issue a temporary stay until they can digest Judge Nelson's 89 page explanation.

An explanation most legal types seem to think is totally backed by previous cases and the law of the land. But as we all know, when it comes to big business, the law of the land...doesn't always apply.

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