Monday, May 2, 2011

*Updated*-They aren't leaving/To Leave or Not To Leave: That is the Sacramento Kings question....

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And it may very well be answered today. It appears the wayward NBA basketball team will announce its intentions for the upcoming season sometime today (Monday).

**11:43 a.m. The Orange County Register reports the Sacramento Kings will not be coming to Anaheim's Honda Center. They cite officials who say the Maloof's have already let them know.

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Co-owner George Maloof apparently told the Sacramento Bee late last night that his family has made a decision on whether they will keep the team in California's capital city or move it to Anaheim. However he qualified it by saying they needed to tell the NBA first.

More from the Sacramento Bee RIGHT HERE

The other reason for today's decision. The 2pm deadline the NBA has given them to file a request for relocation. Hmmm...yeah, that would be a good motivator.

The Bee does a nice job of breaking down possible scenario's for the Kings, because apparently even if they file for the move, they need a majority of the leagues owners to vote for the move in order for it happen.

It also appears that if things don't work the Maloof's way, they have a buyer who would like to purchase the team. That move would keep them in Sac town.

We hope they haven't extorted the city enough to get a new arena out of it. We're pretty sure, like most cities these days, Sacramento has much bigger financial issues then trying to fund an arena for owners who don't want to pay for it themselves. The city is looking into it, but we hope that move fails.

We'll monitor this story and bring you a story later today when things unfold.

News 10 in Sacramento Spoke to him too...

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