Thursday, May 5, 2011

Toronto wants to chase NFL teams

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What is it with Canadian cities chasing pro-sports franchises anyway?

A report surfaced last night in the Score, a Canadian sports network, that Toronto councillor Doug Ford is talking NFL relocation. Relocation of a franchise to the "Great White North".

Ford tells the score "They have to take care of the problem in Los Angeles first". But also adds: At least two cities teams are in play for them after that...and neither of them is the speculated one, Buffalo. Ford says "Two teams are kind of in play here: Jacksonville's number one; New Orleans is the other. So there's two teams."

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Hmmm. While we find this story very interesting. We don't think there is any truth to it, it's mostly speculation on Ford's part. We get the premise that there may, in time be franchise relocation, but we don't believe that Canada will be the primary target. The Toronto Jaguars? Naw, just don't see that.

As for the Saints. Absolutely no way. At one point there was discussion about them relocating, back in the Katrina era, but that ain't happening now.

Either way, it is an interesting topic of discussion. So if you read this and are interested in discussing, then by all means: discuss.

They never made a video for this, but click on it and listen while you read the story, it will add to the effect. Plus it has Geddy Lee from Rush singing:

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