Friday, January 14, 2011

Broseph's Bits And The Friday Gospel

As I sat here pouring over statistics involving two teams that the common woman wouldn't know anything about, I wondered why I was single. I wondered why I can't discuss the virtues of Big Monday with a woman on a date nowadays. It got me thinking that we need competition for that is more centered for the rabid college basketball fan. We'll call it as the user would get their pick of the litter and hopefully it would roll into a lasting relationship and marriage in the future. The application process would be difficult in order to weed out the woman who roots for team X because of their color or because their fifth cousin went there. Basic, but important questions to start

Alma Mater:
School's Basketball record the time you were there:
Number of games you missed:

The above would replace your typical height, weight and size requirement because let's face it, you are probably not picky on who it is. We continue on to the survey portion of the application, which is also called the "Backcourt Violation." If you don't answer these 10 questions properly, you don't deserve to cross midcourt, aka get to know me.

1) Team you love to hate (feel free to use self-made nicknames in order to add to the hate)
2) Player you wish you were with instead of me (this of course is for the girls...for the guys this question would be something different...Make sure to give bonus points the more obscure the player is)
3) Great Coach K joke (let's face it...we all have one. The funnier it is...the better).
4) Sports and exercise (AKA...what team's loss will actually cause you to get up from the couch and take a walk)
5) Favorite play-by-play crew (If she says any crew with Dick Vitale, it probably wasn't meant to be)
6) Religion (aka...what coaches altar would you pray at?)
7) Superstitions (what you need to wear, eat, do sit, act in order for your team to win)
8) Most obscure thing you own pertaining to college basketball
9) What's your ideal number of teams for the NCAA tournament?
10) Do you wager on college basketball (gotta give partial credit if they say no but mention the NFL or NBA)

Alright, now they've succeeded so far in crossing midcourt. In order to make this a layup, you've gotta have pictures. First one has to be them in a jersey because let's face it, who doesn't like a woman in a jersey.

Just try and say no to a woman like that. I'm pretty sure we won't get that many Ashley Judd's on ((pictured, thanks, but hey we can dream. The next picture has to be a tailgating shot because a good woman can tailgate. Finally, you need one picture of the room where she watches her sports because if it does work out in the end, your college basketball watching room is going to be filled with memorabilia.

Anyways, to the picks. I was 2-1 yesterday getting the cover by the thinnest of margins in the Fullerton game.

For Friday we have...

Rider -2 -- Rider and Iona represent two of the best teams in the MAAC so far this season. The Broncs are 12-5, 4-1 in the conference and have a six game win streak overall. Their last loss came back on December 11th by four points at Drexel which is a very tough place to play. Rider is scoring 74.2 points per game and has a big three in Justin Robinson (15.9 ppg), Mike Ringgold (13.1 ppg) and Novar Gadson (12.4 ppg). They'll face Iona who is 10-6, 4-1 in the MAAC. Iona scores almost 80 per game, but their achilles heel is the over 71 points per game they give up. Michael Glover (21.4 ppg), Scott Machado (14.1 ppg) and Kyle Smyth (12.3 ppg) represent the Gaels big three. Iona has struggled on the road losing at Cleveland State, Syracuse, Siena and the headscratcher of the group Bryant. Iona is a different team at home which is not where this game is taking place.

We'll take the Broncs to get the win on Friday night.

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