Monday, January 10, 2011

The Carousel Continues: Todd Graham heading east to Pittsburgh

Todd Graham/Courtesy:

It looks as though another pairing has been made on the coaching carousel. KTUL-TV in Tulsa is reporting that University of Tulsa head coach Todd Graham will be leaving Oklahoma and heading towards the pastures of Pittsburgh to replace the recently hired and more recently fired Mike Haywood.

The station reports that there was a 3:30pm (central) team meeting scheduled. It happened, though Graham wasn't there. He was apparently in Pittsburgh boarding a plane that is expected to return to Tulsa around 5pm (central).

Graham actually has a pretty good track record and a good amount of success at Tulsa. It's mildly surprising he had not surfaced for someone else's job.

Here's your KTUL-TV report (It hasn't been on TV yet) RIGHT HERE

The Tulsa World says things are still a bit murky, their story RIGHT HERE

While Fox 23 in Pittsburgh says the deal is done. Read it RIGHT HERE

The Fox story says Graham will be getting a 5-year, $10 million deal. He wasn't doing badly at Tulsa at roughly $1.3 million, but this would be a big jump in pay. But then again, he's heading to an alleged BCS Conference too.

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