Monday, January 10, 2011

Cincinnati Bengals fan auctioning his allegiance on EBay

Bengals vs. Saints/Courtesy: Me
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Okay, this made us laugh. Being stuck in Cincinnati, land of bad football, decent baseball and really good beer (and cold weather), we couldn't help but having to post this story.

A 28-year old Cincinnati Bengals fan has decided to auction off his fan allegiance to the highest bidder. Yes, this un-named fan is a resident of Cincinnati and has been a Bengals fan for his football life.

However, like many people in the city of Cincinnati, he's tired of the miserly ownership of Mike Brown, poor performing teams and over-priced tickets.

He wants to cut ties and try something new and if you read the description of what he brings to the table, he's willing to work hard and be the best, typical, hardcore fan that he can possibly be. Though if you read the bottom of the listing, he doesn't want any part of the Bills, Lions, we suspect the Carolina Panthers or his hometown Bengals.

For anyone...or team interested, the bidding starts at $19.95 and the current leader in the clubhouse is the Chicago Bears. The bidding Monday.

**UPDATED** 1:35pm. The Cincinnati Enquirer reports the fan in question is one Brett Kostoff. You can read about him RIGHT HERE

If you want to check it out, your RIGHT HERE

Okay, this is pretty funny. And in Cincinnati, it's indicative of how the fanbase feels about the team. Really, they are kind of right. While not totally un-talented, they seem to almost always underachieve. The owner is pretty much reviled by both the fans and because of his greediness, is hated by city politicians. No, the team isn't going anyplace, we aren't really sure given today's economy, that anyone would build them a stadium.

So instead the fans in Cincy suffer. They are pretty narcissistic when it comes to the Bengals and we now know why.

We wish this guy luck and hope he'll find a team...and some money, real soon.

Here are the Bengals...trying to eat Hamburgers (better than the football) at Fatburger in Cincinnati. Thanks

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