Sunday, January 16, 2011

Dueling Newpaper Covers

New York Post/Courtesy:
We did a story on this a couple of days ago and thought to ourselves "Hmmmm...wonder what the New York and Boston papers will do on Sunday to top this".

Well, here's the answer to that question. While it would be really hard to top the Star Wars cover the New York Post came up with, they tried. Today they went for the gold. They went after the snickering little joke that the New York media finds humorous, the Rex Ryan alleged foot-fetish. Check out the cover on the right.

As for our friends in Boston. They didn't get quite as graphic or tawdry or whatever descriptive adjective that you'd like to use.

Boston Herald Cover/Courtesy:
The  Boston Herald, they just called the Jets "Little Green Invaders". Humorous yes, belly laugh...not so much.

Really, as much as we hate both of these city's sports teams, we've enjoyed the back and forth banter leading up to this game. That's with the exception of Antonio Cromartie's stupid commentary and Bart Scott comment that "It will be the last time he wears that uniform" in response to Wes Welker's hilarious press conference.

Because of Scott's idiotic statement, now the NFL will be watching with both sets of bi-focals. Hopefully nobody will do something stupid during the game. We're guessing if they do, it won't be New England, they really don't need it. They seem to be laughing all of this they should. The Jets, they seem to be taking it a tad more seriously. Too seriously.

For what it's worth--we're taking the Patriots in this game....31-21.

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