Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Iowa's Adam Robinson Talks, Everson Trial Continues

((HT: WHO-TV Des Moines))

Former Iowa Hawkeye Adam Robinson pleaded guilty to a drug possession charge back on Thursday, was fined $315 and given a year of probation.

Robinson said in a press conference over the weekend that he has shaken off offers to play at other schools and says he intends to prove himself worthy this semester of returning.

Coach Kirk Ferentz dismissed Robinson from the team on January 3rd.

Here's the apology, thanks to our friends at WHO-TV

In other jurisprudence news in Iowa City, the jury left for the day in the sexual abuse case of former Hawkeye football player Cedric Everson.

The jury didn't hear from Cedric Everson or get any evidence from the defense during the proceedings, which means they have to decide if he's guilty of sexual assault based on the testimony of others.

The judge ruled that the charge against Everson should be reduced to 3rd degree sexual assault. The jury can also consider lesser charges than that if they choose...

Deliberations kick back in tomorrow morning...

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