Thursday, January 6, 2011

Jim Harbaugh Has The World On A String

Who isn't envious of Jim Harbaugh. You have NFL teams throwing millions of dollars at you to coach their team. Your alma mater wants to move heaven and earth to bring you back and your current employer might sweeten the pot too.

The University of Michigan just canned a head coach that was doomed before the inked dried on the contract. Harbaurgh is the chosen "Michigan Man" to repair the train wreck yet he doesn't seem to want to accept the role.

Three NFL teams are ready to offer Harbaugh with checks with a lot of zeros on them and willing to do whatever to sweeten the offer.

Damn sucks to be Harbaugh.

Wednesday Harbaugh interviewed for six hours with newly appointed San Francisco 49ers general manager Trent Baalke and team owner Jed York about their head coaching vacancy.

Executives for the Miami Dolphins are having "exploratory talks" with Harbaugh but their is no head coach opening with the Dolphins.

Sources have told the Sun Sentinel that the Dolphins have put a decision on the coaching staff in a holding pattern.,0,7758119.story

In others word if Harbaugh is interested in moving to South Florida Tony Sparano is a goner.

Maybe Sparano sees the writing on the wall. (Thanks Sun

Is John Elway infatuated with Jim Harbaugh? Elway is the decision maker now with the Denver Broncos and a Stanford alum. Bringing Harbaugh in might revive Broncomania in the Rockies.

All Harbaugh has to do is listen pitches and count the money.

Photo Courtesy: AP

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