Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Laurence Maroney May Have Some Legal Issues

Laurence Maroney/Courtesy: sportsnewscaster.com
The Denver Broncos running back and St. Louis area native was arrested and briefly detained Monday night after police responded to a traffic disturbance.

Much like he was during the season, Maroney was not hard to catch. Once police sorted out the incident, Maroney found himself in jail for weapons possession. Though his lawyer says he has a license. The lawyer didn't say anything about the fact that Maroney was tested for marijuana in his system.

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If the tests come back positive. Mr. Maroney may have some 'splainin to do. If he truly does have the weapons permit, that charge will more than likely be dropped.

However, we suspect that the NFL will not look too kindly on him if there were drugs in his system. Maroney, largely considered a disappointment thus far in his NFL career, could have a whole separate set of issues to deal with besides the local constabulary.

Here's coverage from our friends at Fox2 in St. Louis

Check out this interesting promo for nfl.com where Maroney appears to leap through the window of an open vehicle and out the other side.

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