Monday, January 10, 2011

Michigan plane in Baton Rouge...Les Miles could be on agenda...

Michigan looking Lear Jet in Baton Rouge/Courtesy: Gavin Jackson/
Yeah. He probably will. Michigan is still convinced they are a primo job and will continue pursuing the biggest of the big name coaches.

Michigan, may in fact, already be putting the full-court press on. The Baton Rouge Advocate is reporting that a Lear Jet with Michigan logos was parked at their airport early this morning.

Check out their story RIGHT HERE

The Detroit News says Michigan AD Dave Brandon and Miles will be speaking on Tuesday

The story, from Angelique Chengelis of the Detroit News RIGHT HERE

We know that Les, a Michigan grad, got the "Full-Court" press treatment back in 2007, there were a variety of rumors floating around in December of that year. Enough rumors, that we were actually in attendance our own-selves when Miles had to call a last minute press conference before the SEC Championship game to say "I'm not leaving". That would be the famous "Have a GREAT DAY" presser.

We believe that Michigan is seriously pursuing Les Miles for their job. And on several levels, it might actually happen. We know he's less than thrilled with the grief he gets if he doesn't win every game. We know the LSU faithful are impatiently waiting for another SEC title. We know they don't like that Auburn and Alabama have seemingly passed them by. Though, it is generally considered that LSU is going to be really, really good next season.

However, we think when push comes to shove, LSU will step up and keep the Mad Hatter in Baton Rouge. We think for Michigan, they are going to end up pursuing...and ultimately getting Brady Hoke of San Diego State and a Michigan grad. He's not their first choice and many Michigan alums will think he's not ready for the job. We disagree. He's the perfect choice, he's had success at SDSU and while it will take awhile to fix Rich Rod's mess in Ann Arbor, Hoke is the best choice to do it.

This is why, Les Miles may be our favorite press conference coach of all time...

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