Sunday, January 16, 2011

NFL Playoffs: It's Chicago and The Jets (?)

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The first game on Sunday was to determine if the Seattle Seahawks could make it:
A) To .500 and,
B) The NFC title game at Soldier Field...

Didn't happen...

Jay Cutler ran for two touchdowns and threw for two as Chicago and Green Bay will play for the 182nd time next Sunday- but their first meeting for the NFC title.

The Bears won 35-24...

Here's your highlights...

The Packers lost to the Bears 33-14 at Wrigley Field a week to the day after Pearl Harbor in their only previous playoff meeting. Green Bay beat Chicago 10-3 in the season finale this season to clinch a playoff spot earlier this month. The Packers haven't been to the Super Bowl since the 1997 season, when they lost to Denver.

Remember that whole Terrell Davis-John Elway thing...???

And it'll be the Patriots smelling the agony of de-feet in their 28-21 loss to the New York Jets Sunday...

One of the early failures was a fake punt with the Pats down 7-3
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Let's hear from the fella's that called the game Jim Nantz and Phil Simms. (Thanks CBS

Jeff Howe of found out that the call was Chung's to make...
"We trust the decision Patrick makes," Mesko said. "It just didn’t work out in that particular occasion. That’s why the coaches trust him to run it, and that's why they give him the green light, if he has it."

Mesko said the play was implemented in training camp, and it's the first time it was run this season. Chung has the green light from the coaching staff to call for the direct snap by making a signal at the line.

"It would have definitely swung momentum our way if we could have marched down and take the lead into the half," Mesko said.

Patriots head coach Bill Belichick was asked about the fake punt after the game.

"We just made a bad mistake," said Belichick, who wouldn't add anything else about the play

So now you get to root for a loudmouth with an alleged foot fetish or a QB who was alleged to have done some not-so-nice things in rural Georgia over the summer...

Like your choice...???

And it seems the Jets post-game celebration was way to over the top for the Patriots. Comcast Sportsnet New England is reporting that according to tweets written by fans Jets coaches were flipping the bird to Pats fans.

Patriot wide receiver Deion Branch says the Jets are classless. (Thanks Comcast Sportsnet New England)

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