Friday, January 14, 2011

NY Post, the cover...too funny to ignore

We were going to let sleeping dogs lie as the cliche' goes, but this was too funny...and creative to ignore.
The folks at the New York Post, known mostly for their bombast, but not necessarily the carrying out of actual journalism topped themselves this morning. They came up with a cover for their daily tabloid that can only be described as "Epic".

Look at the image on the side of this story. It covers everything. Heck, it even has Rex Ryan's wife on it as Princess Leia.

Yes, really, we've grown tired of the bluster coming out of this game, which has mostly been from the Jets. They seem to, for some reason believe that the Patriots are talking crap about them behind their backs too. We think laughing might be a better way to phrase it.

Oh, by the way. Don't think the Boston papers are sitting idly by and missing an opportunity to pile on. This is what Boston's Metro paper is featuring on its cover. Wonder where they came up with that idea?

Really, despite the battle of humor, we are growing weary of this. Both teams, though we think mostly the Jets are trying to make this into a Red Sox/Yankees type of rivalry.

If it weren't for the Patriots and people of Boston injecting some humor into this, we'd be as angry as we were the other day when we reported on Antonio Cromartie's idiotic rant. Really, we never thought we'd ever be rooting for New England, but we are hoping that they'll put the Jets out of all of our collective misery.

As for those of you don't believe the Patriots think this whole thing is just funny, then listen to wide receiver Wes Welker's subtle jokes as he speaks at a press availability on Thursday.

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