Monday, January 17, 2011

Rex Ryan Playing For A Trip To Dallas, Brother Rob Is Going To Dallas

At least one Ryan brother will be in Dallas. Rob Ryan is heading to big "D" to become the Cowboys defensive coordinator.

The Associated Press is reporting that Ryan accepted the offer to run the defense in Dallas. The AP is citing two people with direct knowledge.

Here's Rob Ryan's numbers when he was the defensive coordinator for the Oakland Raiders and Cleveland Browns

Oakland Raiders Defensive Coordinator
Year PPG Vs Sacks Takeaways
2004 27.6 (31st) 25 (31st) 18 (30th)
2005 23.9 (25th) 36 (18th) 19 (29th)
2006 20.8 (18th) 34 (19th) 23 (27th)
2007 24.9 (26th) 27 (28th) 26 (21st)
2008 24.3 (24th) 32 (13th) 24 (17th)

Cleveland Browns Defensive Coordinator
Year PPG Vs Sacks Takeaways
2009 23.4 (21st) 40 (29th) 19 (31st)
2010 20.8 (13th) 29 (25th) 28 (13th)
Source: Dallas Morning News

Hard to make a judgement strictly by the numbers because those were some awful Raider and Brown teams.

The Cowboys were bad on defense finishing 23rd in the NFL in total defense. The Cowboys were OK against the run ranking 12th in the league in rushing defense but had a hell of a time stopping the pass ranking 26th in passing defense.

Cowboys owner/GM and grand pooh-bah Jerry Jones is banking on the Ryan family bloodlines to improve those numbers.

I'm willing to bet Rob Ryan keeps his "Grizzly Adams" look.

Here's Rob making fun of his brother Rex. Yes they are identical twins and you would swear Rex put a mop on his head and glued a faked gotee.

Photo Courtesy: AP

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