Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Breaking News: Brady Hoke will get the Michigan job

Brady Hoke/Courtesy: K.C Alfred/San Diego Tribune
((UPDATE))--The University of Michigan's website now has an official release naming Brady Hoke as their new coach. READ IT HERE--Guess we should have waited 5 minutes before posting this story originally.

We've said this a couple of times in the past week or so and it looks like we were correct. Now that the "Mad Hatter", Les Miles decided against returning to his alma mater, the wandering Michigan brain trust that includes AD Dave Brandon is heading to Southern California.

The reason. To hire San Diego State head coach Brady Hoke. Hoke, a former assistant in Ann Arbor, doesn't have the bloodline that Jim Harbaugh or Les Miles does, but may in fact be just as good a fit. And yes, it's true, Hoke has told the folks at SDSU and others that his dream job is to be the coach at Michigan.

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The San Diego Tribune thinks Hoke will be the man too read it, RIGHT HERE

For what it's worth, the Michigan alums will not understand why they have to settle for a guy like Brady Hoke. They may be in for a surprise. The Michigan program at the moment is nothing like it used to be. The luster is gone. The ability to draw from what Big 10 people think is an equal conference like the SEC...ain't happening. No, they have to get what they can and quite honestly, Hoke ain't so bad.

He's succeeded at Ball State and at San Diego State in a relatively short period of time. Michigan, while not horrible, should be able to make a similar move with the right guy. We think that guy is Hoke.

In the meantime, stay tuned, it's just a matter of time...or days before this announcement is made. If it isn't, Dave Brandon, you've got a "Big" problem.

Here's how our friends at WXYZ-TV in Detroit are covering the story...

Michigan folks, here's Big Brady on David Letterman's show back when Hoke coached Ball State:

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