Monday, January 17, 2011

Albert Pujols negotiations with the Cardinals not going so well

Albert Pujols/Courtesy: chris
And quite honestly, the folks in St. Louis may not have their hero after this season because of it. Pujols, whose contract is essentially up after the 2011 season could be a free agent if he and the Cardinals don't agree to a deal.

Now. Is the hullabaloo in St.Louis right now much ado about nothing? Probably. Like most negotiations, each side has a motivation for saying what they are saying. And right now, after the Cardinals G.M John Mozeliak mentioned that Pujols's agent put a hard deadline on negotiations, Pujols is starting to look a bit like a bad guy where he's beloved.

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Apparently, the Cardinals held their fan based "Winter Warmup" this past weekend. Pujols was there and spoke to the assembled media. He didn't say much other than he was more "Professional" than taking negotiations to the media. In fact his representative wouldn't let the topic be broached in the press all.

Again, as always, this is all posturing. It's what the modern day negotiation involves. It always is. One side leaks something to the media to put the other on the defensive. The other says we won't talk about it...and then they talk about it. Ultimately, they'll get a deal done. They have to. Pujols is St.Louis baseball. They always seem to have the money to get the players they want there, but to let Albert walk would be....the worst PR decision that they could possibly make and both sides know it. It's just a matter of who uses who to get the best deal possible for their respective side.

Here's Pujols his ownself. Thanks KSDK-TV:

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