Monday, January 17, 2011

Could it be true? Favre files retirement paperwork...

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As much as we've pretty much lost all of our respect for the guy, we do believe that he's done. There's no way to rebuild his legacy at this point. Seeing what we saw this season was just flat out an embarassment.

Yes, we know, for the umpteenth time, Brett Favre is retiring. This time though, it may be serious. Alex Marvez of Fox Sports says that he's actually submitted the official retirement papers needed with the NFL.

Here's Marvez' story RIGHT HERE

You can't see this, but I'm laughing right now as I write this, because ESPN just broke into the morning SportsCenter to report this same story. And it was read a bit incredulously by anchor Josh Elliot.

Anyway. Favre, who finished 2010 injured and fined by the NFL for not helping them in an alleged sexual harassment complaint against him from when he tried playing with the Jets, managed to put a final coat of tarnish on what would have been a great career.

From the legendary runs while in Green Bay to re-writing a ton of league records, Favre seemingly had his history cemented as an NFL legend. For his sake, he better hope that times heals all wounds, because he opened up quite a few, the past 4 years.

From his public squabble with the Packers, who just wanted to know if he was done...or not, to the injury plagued season with the Jets that led to the firing of Eric Mangini and the dreaded Sterger incident to finally the drama plagued two seasons with the Vikings, it became all about Brett.

Yeah, he'll get his hall of fame invite in 5-years and probably should. But it won't be fun to watch. We just hope that the time away will let people forget what the guy became and try and remember what he was in his glory days.

But we could just be dreaming too.....

Here is perhaps our favorite video of Favre...aside from Something About Mary, which we couldn't find.

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