Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Cowher or Harbaugh to Miami...Are you sure?

Bill Cowher-the coach
No. Heck, the carousel has thus far spawned more rumors and half-truths then actual changes. We aren't really sure who to believe because it seems everyone is either rushing to be the first to report something...or has an agenda.

That being said, we will report on a story in the Miami Herald this morning in part because they are usually a legit outlet and because they cover our favorite team--The Miami Dolphins.

The Herald quotes what they term "Multiple NFL Sources" that the Dolphins have reached out to hot candidate Jim Harbaugh and CBS NFL Analyst Bill Cowher. We reported on the Harbaugh contact yesterday, Cowher has already gone on record saying he'd be interested in Miami.

Read the report from this mornings Miami Herald RIGHT HERE

While we tend to believe this report is pretty accurate, we aren't real confident that Harbaugh would be seriously interested. It also doesn't speak too well to the job security of one Tony Sparano, who's not been a failure as a head coach, but hasn't been a huge success either.

As for Cowher. That is a more interesting thought. Supposedly the interest is mutual, however, Cowher wants complete control over most everything, the Dolphins, for their part aren't sure they want to give it to him.

Stay tuned sports fans, the Carousel keeps a spinnin'....

In the meantime, enjoy this behind the scenes look at Bill Cowher, TV Analyst as done by Larry Richert of KDKA-TV:

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