Sunday, January 2, 2011

Edsall Is Now Maryland's Man, Officially Introduced In College Park

To me it seemed Maryland athletic director Kevin Anderson was hell bent on hiring Mike Leach as the new head coach of the Terrapins. Going so far to say that Leach was a candidate the day Anderson announced Ralph Friedgen was fired.

Leach went through two interviews and by all reports those went well but he didn't get the gig. You have to wonder if Leach's baggage from Texas Tech and the perception of disrespecting authority was a factor. I just wonder if parents of potential recruits weren't all that thrilled with Leach coaching their sons and was a factor.

The job is Randy Edsall's now. For what I've been told Edsall really wanted this job. He flew all the way from Tempe, Arizona a day after Connecticut was defeated by Oklahoma in the Fiesta Bowl to go through the interview process. Obviously Edsall impressed because the job is his.

Maryland wanted to make a splash with this hire but instead it's barely a ripple. Edsall is a safe hire though, he there for the long term not improving his resume for one of the brand names to open up. Edsall's offense is similar to the kind Ralph Friedgen ran so the parts will be in place.
Edsall can recruit though. He got athletes to come to Storrs, Connecticut, selling Maryland won't be as tough. Let's see if Edsall can get the kids in the Baltimore - Washington to stay home or even make a dent in the talent rich Northern Virgina area that Frank Beamer has owned for 20 years.
Like I said it's a safe hire, one Maryland fans hopes pays off big time.
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Here's the official introduction...
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