Monday, January 3, 2011

BREAKING: Eric Mangini fired, Holmgren Won't Coach Browns

Eric Mangini/Courtesy: phil masturzo-akron beacon-journal.
It appears Black Monday's first firing has happened in Cleveland. Several ESPN reporters are saying that the Cleveland Browns have parted ways with now former head coach Eric Mangini.

This is not a surprise as Mangini has been rumored to not be a favorite of team president Mike Holmgren, though Holmgren gave Mangini a season to turn things around. The Browns went 5-11, which actually was an improvement, but not enough of one.

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Read the teams statement from Holmgren RIGHT HERE

Look for Holmgren to target his pal Jon Gruden, who's rumored for every opening...

However, the name we've been hearing thrown around...a lot, is now former Carolina Panther head coach John Fox. Stay tuned....

Here's Holmgren addressing the media this morning...
((HT: Newsnet5/Cleveland))

And Reggie Rucker has some advice on the matter...

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