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Your Black Monday primer or The Coaching Carousel Hits full speed- Frazier In, Del Rio And Kubiak Safe

Jim Harbaugh/courtesy:
There is a lot to keep an eye on today and this week with today traditionally being a big day for coaching hires and fires in both the NFL and the NCAA.

Here are your story lines:

The big domino in all this is Stanford coach Jim Harbaugh. Where he ends up will determine what happens with quite a few others. Harbaugh is coaching Stanford in the Orange Bowl Monday night.

His name has already been attached to the Michigan job, should they fire Rich Rodriguez, but reports are surfacing that he's not interested.

The Big Lead says it won't happen RIGHT HERE

Quite honestly, Rodriguez hasn't been fired yet after the Wolverines collapse late this season and into their bowl game. Athletic Director Dave Brandon says that he'll make a decision on Rich Rod's fate, by sometime this week.

The Detroit News speculates about what is next RIGHT HERE. Note in this story that the fall back plan may include San Diego State head coach Brady Hoke, who could actually be the best choice here.

The popular call: Harbaugh is going to the NFL, quite possibly with the 49ers, with the Broncos and former Stanford alum John Elway, making a case as well.

Other Coaching News:

We talked this weekend about the Vikings keeping Leslie Frazier and's Michael Lombardi reporting the Jason Garrett will get interim removed from his head coaching title. There's much more.
Marvin Lewis/Courtesy:

Will Marvin Lewis stay in Cincinnati? Doubtful. There have already been published reports that Marvin may be the one walking away from this marriage. He's let it be known he'd stay...but only on his terms. And quite honestly, his terms aren't unreasonable...except for the fact that he's in Cincinnati.

Marvin's contract expired yesterday. And we know he is meeting with team president/owner/alleged G.M Mike Brown today. We don't expect Brown to capitulate since he believes he's smarter than pretty much everyone else.

The local spin from WCPO Sports Director John Popovich RIGHT HERE

Yahoo Sports speculates Marvin could end up with the job at Pitt RIGHT HERE

Jeff Fisher/Courtesy:
ESPN's Adam Schefter tweets "Niners target remains Stanford HC Jim Harbaugh. But team is also preparing to speak with Bengals head coach Marvin Lewis"

Another big name coach, Jeff Fisher. Fisher's Titans struggled mightily at the end of the season and didn't look totally interested in, well, much of anything the last few games. Combine that with the highly publicized battles between Fisher and owner Bud Adams' pet project, one Vince Young and you've got the possibility of the leagues longest tenured coach being unemployed this week.

The teams executive committee and Fisher are, according to reports, scheduled to meet later this week and decide what to do.

So says the National Football Post RIGHT HERE

The Tennessean's David Climer wraps up the tumultuous Titan season...RIGHT HERE

And there's more.....

The Browns have parted ways with Eric Mangini leading to all kinds of speculation. From Team President Mike Holmgren taking the job, to perennial coaching job favorite Jon Gruden.

However, the name that keeps popping up....believe it or not, fired Carolina Panthers head coach John Fox.

From's Jason LaCanfora via Twitter: "From what I've gathered on the Browns situation, I see John Fox landing there as head coach with Mike McCoy as offensive coordinator"

It does make some sense, Fox and Holmgren have known each other for years and Fox did have early success in Carolina. However, the Panthers have struggled mightily the past couple of years and though nobody directly pointed the finger at Fox, some blame has to go his way for losing his team.

As for McCoy, he is/was the Offensive Coordinator in Denver, but the Broncos don't currently have a Head Coach, and there is no guarantee that he'd get to keep his job, so it makes sense since Fox is a defensive guy and McCoy has gotten some props for what he's done in Denver.

Other nuggets:

NFL teams looking for coaches: The Carolina Panthers, San Francisco 49ers, The Cleveland Browns. Expect the Miami Dolphins and possibly the Jacksonville Jaguars to join that list along with the Cincinnati Bengals.

Possible Coaching names to watch: Mike Zimmer, D-Coordinator in Cincinnati, Atlanta Falcons O-Coordinator Mike Mularkey, possibly Bill Cowher and probably Jon Gruden...since he's attached to every job.

College Coaching Carousel: It all depends on what Harbaugh does. If he goes NFL, then Brady Hoke will be in play. Also, expect someone to take a run at Chris Peterson in Boise and Gary Patterson of TCU. Neither of them will leave. Mike Leach's name will continue to pop-up for jobs as well. And we are hearing that Mangini has already been attached to the opening at UConn since Randy Edsall left to go to Maryland.

All in all, it will be a busy next few weeks, as always, check in here at the Online Sports Guys for the latest in all of this.

Here is the most appropriate video clip we could find, from the movie Logan's Run, welcome to Carousel:

PM UPDATE: Leslie Frazier had the "interim" tag taken off his title in Minnesota...

Jack Del Rio is safe in Jacksonville... even though the team is 4-11 in December
and January under Del Rio the last three years.

Del Rio is the first coach since the NFL merger in 1970 to lead the same team for eight years without capturing a division title.

Gary Kubiak remains head coach in Houston, but they'll need a new DC as Frank Bush is out. Houston also fired secondary coach David Gibbs, LB coach Johnny Holland and assistant LB coach Robert Saleh.

Bum Phillips showed up at Texans practice last week and chatted with owner Bob McNair. People are now thinking that Wade Phillips may be the new DC.

More when we know more...

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