Monday, January 3, 2011

Charlie Weis goes to Florida...Not as odd as you'd think

Charlie Weis
It's official now. Charlie Weis, now former offensive coordinator for the Kansas City Chiefs and former Notre Dame head coach is now the offensive coordinator for Will Muschamp at the University of Florida.

The story, which started leaking out late last week, is in some ways very odd. Not so much that Weis will go to UF, but rather that he'd leave the Chiefs. It was disclosed that he'd wait until the Chiefs are beaten in the playoffs before he leaves for Gainesville.

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While there are a few questions here, we can't fault Weis who has a son down in Gainesville. It's somewhat of a step-down for him, but a chance to be closer to family is understood.

The bigger question is can anyone be work with Chiefs coach Todd Haley. Haley has now gone through 2 offensive coordinators in two seasons having fired Chan Gailey two weeks before the start of the 2009 season. Haley is a smart offensive guy, we just are beginning to wonder how "Offensive" he is appearing to be.

Already there is speculation that former Broncos head coach Josh McDaniels will take over Weis' role. While not discounting the dust-up Haley and McDaniels had after a Kansas City win earlier in the season, the two know each other as they worked together in New England and are disciples of the Bill Belichick coaching tree.

Check out video of Weis getting his knee blown out while the coach at Notre Dame:

PM UPDATE: Florida also hired Seattle Seahawks defensive line coach Dan Quinn as DC and D-line coach. Quinn spent the past 10 years in the NFL and has seven years of college experience.

Frank Verducci was added as O-Line coach and running game coordinator ((The HQ thinks that the two are fairly linked in the first place, right...?)). Verducci coached at Notre Dame in 2009 after eight seasons with four NFL teams.

George Wynn will be director of football operations in Boomtown. He spent the past six seasons as assistant AD for football operations at Texas.

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