Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Jim Leavitt gets settlement from USF

Jim Leavitt/Courtesy:
At least he won't go hungry.

The Tampa Tribune is reporting that former USF head coach Jim Leavitt will receive a $2.75 million settlement from the school after they fired him in January of last year. Leavitt had been accused of grabbing one of his players by the throat at halftime of a 2009 game and then hit him twice on the cheek.

For his part, Leavitt denied the allegations, but the school said he lied about the incident and tried to cover it up, which is why he was fired.

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It closes what was an ugly divorce between a school and the guy who started their football program from scratch....and made it very successful. Leavitt's name hasn't surfaced for any jobs this past round of Carousel, hopefully the resolution of this issue will allow him another opportunity. He's earned it.

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