Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Cromartie hates Brady, we hate both the Jets and the Patriots

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This is going to be a bit of an opinion piece/rant, so brace yourselves.

We don't really understand why it is "Oh my gawd!" "He didn't say that" story that New York Jets dumbass/cornerback Antonio Cromartie essentially cursed out Patriots QB Tom Brady. So what.

It's been proven time and time again that the Jets are a bunch of whiny bitch, blowhards, so Cromartie's statement shouldn't be shocking. And while we don't particularly care for the Patriots either, they at least have the class to not try and fire back.

Here's your latest story, from the New York Daily News RIGHT HERE

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Couple this with Rex Ryan's idiotic statement about this weeks game being "Me vs. Bill Belichick and you've got all the makings of the battling blowhards. Note to Rex. Neither of you actually play. Your players do. They'll decide who wins and who doesn't.

Sure, we get why the Jets are doing this. Create a distraction, try and get under the Patriots skin and off their game. Do they really think that this will work? They must. Lord knows the New York media has been all over this. It's huge! Bigger than the snowstorm! After all, they consider themselves the center of the football universe.

We actually had enjoyed the "Hard Knocks" this summer that featured the Jets and at the time, enjoyed Rex Ryan. Now...we are tired of him. Really tired of him. He's a blowhard. And a cocky one at that. When  you win a Super Bowl, you can talk smack. You've got something to point back to. He's got nothing. A pretty decent team. But dude, you haven't done anything yet.

We get it. You back your team. Your ambitious. You want them to be successful. There's nothing wrong with that. All we are telling you is "SHUT UP". Just freakin' play!

As for Mr. Cromartie. Dude. You or your 8 kids...have nothing to be talking smack about. You've accomplished nothing. Your a thug. And worse, you have yet to discover that they sell condoms at the drug store.

Sadly, as much as we don't care for the Patriots or any other team from that part of the world, they've now been made to be a sympathetic group. As much as we don't and never have cared for them, at least we've respected them. They don't talk like this. They don't get into "Media" battles. They go out and play. And win. Usually.

As badly as we don't want them to win the Super Bowl this year....or any year. We just want them to beat the Jets. Mostly so we don't have to listen to Rex Ryan anymore...and hopefully Antonio Cromartie...ever again.

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