Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Les Miles has already talked to Michigan, will job offer follow?

Les Miles his ownself/Courtesy: coacheshotseat.com
Well, it appears the stories of LSU head coach Les Miles going and/or speaking to the folks from Michigan on Tuesday, may be a bit late.

Apparently, the story we reported yesterday about the Michigan plane being in Baton Rouge was correct. We say that because it appears that Wolverine AD and former teammate of Miles, Dave Brandon was in Baton Rouge and he and Miles spoke...yesterday (Monday).

Now, while the reports are that if offered, Miles will take the job, haven't been confirmed...we are told Brandon left town and Miles isn't his coach....yet.

The Baton Rouge Advocate tells us what's up RIGHT HERE

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According to both reports, Miles will be heading to Dallas today for the American Football Coaches Association Convention....and while things still look like they will happen for the Mad Hatter, they haven't happened yet.

The Detroit News caught up with Brandon when he got home Monday night. You can read that story RIGHT HERE

Well, one of two things are happening here. Either Michigan isn't throwing all their eggs in Miles' basket or the deal is just a formality. We do think Lester is the leader in the clubhouse, but it's far from over. If Brandon learned anything from the Jim Harbaugh fiasco, we hope it's that he needs to have a plan B. We said yesterday that Plan B is Brady Hoke, we aren't wavering from that.

Either way, we expect this search to be over and one more slot on the Carousel to be filled by the end of the week.

The story from WBRZ-TV in Baton Rouge:

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