Tuesday, January 11, 2011

A New Day: Broncos post job interview process and search online

Denver Broncos Logo/Courtesy: mainlineautographs.com
((ht: denverbroncos.com))

This is really cool! In what has to be the most transparent job search process in, well, quite honestly....ever, the Denver Broncos are giving their fans...and others a unique look at the search for a new head coach.

The team has posted behind the scenes job search interviews and footage of so far, 2 candidates for the job,  interim coach Eric Studesville and Giants defensive coordinator Perry Fewell.

They are followed from their arrival at the airport all the to and through their interview with new Broncos executive John Elway and his search committee at Broncos HQ.

The video is not embeddable, so you'll have to click on the link RIGHT HERE to follow Fewell's day in Denver, it will be worth your time.

Here is Studesville's day RIGHT HERE

We are absolutely amazed in this day of uber-paranoid coaches and teams that they would actually do this. But we totally applaud the effort. As you know, there are very few secrets in terms of who is in line for a teams coaching vacancy, so why try and hide it?

We hope more teams will look at what Denver is doing and emulate it. It's a great idea. It keeps the fans up to speed. It gives them a unique look at the potential candidate that they never would normally get.

Here is some old school video of the Broncos in the 70's, because we just want something old to accompany something so new.

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