Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Milton Bradley in trouble, should have played Stratego...

Milton Bradley/Courtesy:
Yeah, it was a cheesy headline, wasn't it....

Seattle Mariners outfielder/DH Milton Bradley spent part of his day on Tuesday in jail. The reason--he was arrested on suspicion of making terrorist threats to an un-named woman. He was taken into custody at his home in Los Angeles, and released 7 hours later on bail.

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This, if it amounts to a serious legal issue, would not be Bradley 1st brush with the law, though most of his issues have been with his managers and Major League Baseball.  Bradley was alleged to have had police come to his home in 2005 on domestic violence calls, but no charges ever were filed.

The Seattle Times says this may be the last straw for Bradley. Read more RIGHT HERE

If this is indeed the end, Bradley will be known as one of the bigger enigma's in the history of baseball. He had a couple of very good years in LA, Texas, San Diego and in Chicago, but managed to piss off both teams enough that they were happy to get rid of him.

He got a huge deal to come to Seatlle. 3-years and $30 million and had done absolutely nothing for the Mariners. He took a leave of absence this past season to address personal mental issues, which is something we respect, but makes us wonder.

The Mariners are on the hook for $12 million for the guy this year and they don't expect him to start? Good luck trying to trade that contract. The team however, may try to void the contract depending on the wording contained in it.

Since Bradley seems to love Trouble, Trouble will love him...enjoy your retro-commercial:

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