Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Tennessee steals one from Georgia or when a foul isn't a foul....

We didn't realize what happened here until we got up this morning. If you've watched the morning Sportscenter, then you've probably seen the highlights from this game. Tennessee versus Georgia in SEC Basketball.

Granted SEC hoops aren't nearly as good as the football, but both these teams are decent. The Vols, working again without suspended head coach Bruce Pearl were ranked in the Top 10 at one point this year. Georgia, they've been one of the league's biggest surprises at 13-4.

Yeah, it was a close game, back and forth and down to the last possession. And that is where the debate has now started.

Tennessee's Tobias Harris launches a 3-point shot with just a couple of seconds to go. It misses. The ball bounces out towards Georgia forward Chris Barnes. The Vols Brian Williams appears to reach around...or over Barnes, grabs the ball and throws it towards the basket. It goes in. In his follow through, Williams throws Barnes to the floor.

Watch the video. Does it look like a foul? What sayeth you?

Here are your 4-letter highlights, at least until they are pulled.

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