Sunday, January 2, 2011

Sooners Lower The Boom On UConn Huskies, OU Win Fiesta Bowl

Pardon the Oklahoma Sooner fans if they aren't big fans of the BCS bowls. OU had lost five BCS bowls in a row heading into Saturday's Fiesta Bowl against Connecticut.

This time the Sooners took the fight out of the dog.

Oklahoma took out those BCS frustrations on the Huskies with a 48-20 beat down.

OU quarterback Landry Jones picked apart the Connecticut secondary and sharing that wealth with a trio of Sooner receivers.

Cameron Kenney caught seven balls for 154 yards and a touchdown

Kenny Stills had eight catches for 73 yards

Ryan Broyles had himself and night with 13 catches for 173 yards and a touchdown.

Landry Jones' number were impressive. 34-49 for 429 yards and three touchdowns.

"Landry had a huge night." Oklahoma head coach Bob Stoops said in the post game press conference. "Ryan always does. Jeez, that catch he made, he just every does something amazing every game."

"Great players just making plays out there."
OU quarterback Landry Jones said in the post game press conference. "Ryan is one of our great players on the team."

"Coaches put us in great positions to make plays."
OU wide receiver Ryan Broyles said after the game. "Landry is out there throwing the ball, putting it on spots. It is a whole team effort on offense and it definitely helps when the defense gets their offense on the field as well."

Damon Fontenot fills you in with highlights from Glendale, AZ. (Thanks

FOSG Barry Trammel and Jake Trotter of The Oklahoman add a post script to Oklahoma's win in the Fiesta Bowl. (Thanks

Photo Courtesy: Bryan Terry, The Oklahoman

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