Saturday, September 17, 2011

ACC increases buyout and getting applications for membership

((ht: espn/dinich))

It appears the ACC has taken some measures to keep themselves from being brushed aside during the "Galactic Realignment" of college sports.

The conference presidents apparently...and quietly, have increased the buyout for schools wanting to leave from $13 million to $20 million. And while it may not stop it from happening it will certainly make anyone looking to defect to think twice about it.

The other ACC news is this: The New York Times, Friday night reported that both Pittsburgh and Syracuse from the Big East. Heather Dinich from confirmed that report. Dinich also reports that the ACC has received at least 10 applications for membership.

You can read her report RIGHT HERE

This is interesting. Certainly adding Pitt and Syracuse makes more sense than adding say, Texas, but it is even more intriguing that so many schools have inquired. And while we fully anticipate that global shift of the continents, we, like everyone else don't really know how that shift is going to play out.

We reported Thursday night that Oklahoma intends to have a regents meeting on Monday to discuss whether or not they are going to leave, now, Texas and their board is meeting too.

At some point there one of these schools will be forced to take the plunge and go. The guess as to who is first is anyone's guess. We think it will be Oklahoma, but we wouldn't put money on it. Once one of the majors takes the plunge, the rest of the domino's will fall into place.

In the meantime, this is the only video that makes sense to attach to this story right now:

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