Thursday, September 15, 2011

Change in the air: Oklahoma regents talk realignment on Monday


Could the conference realignment dominoes start falling on Monday? It's possible.

According to multiple published reports, the University of Oklahoma board of regents will meet on Monday and one of the topics of discussion: Conference realignment. Word is they will try and figure out which conference situation is best for them.

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As most of you know, despite Texas A&M handing withdrawl papers to the Big 12/10, the chips won't fall...or move in any form until Oklahoma does something.

A&M can't do anything due to the SEC's no legal action stipulation. One brought on by most of the remaining Big 12 teams to protect themselves. They've threatened to file a suit to stop them from moving. Oklahoma didn't make that threat. 

The general consensus is that Oklahoma will go to the Pac12, despite commissioner Larry Scott saying they aren't "Looking" to do anything. Oklahoma State will go with them. That in turn will be the death knell for the Big 12, who'd be left with Texas, Texas Tech, Baylor, Kansas, Missouri and Iowa State. It would be the sad end, to a once proud conference.

We'll spare you are rant as to why this is happening, we agree with OutKickTheCoverage's Clay Travis that ESPN has become the root of all this.

The funny thing is, it all came about due to Texas and their "Longhorn Network" had they not done that, we may not be having this discussion. Now Texas is a "Major" program with limited options. They too can't do anything until Oklahoma decides too. And yes, we join the chorus of pundits who are highly amused at the thought of Texas being placed in the "2nd Class Citizen" category in all of this.

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