Thursday, September 1, 2011

Former NBA'er Kenny Anderson takes job coaching Jewish school

Kenny Anderson

Former NBA all-star Kenny Anderson has found a full-time coaching gig. At a Davie, Florida Jewish High School.


Anderson apparently lives down the road and has been looking for work as a coach for some time. He briefly coached a minor league basketball team in Atlanta. He was told he needed a degree to get a job. He got it. There were rumblings he would end up on the staff at the University of Miami, but that never happened.

So he took a job coaching the Posnack Jewish Day School basketball team. Posnack is a small 1-A school that isn't exactly known for hoops. He apparently got the job after talking to a school parent on Twitter.

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We say good for Kenny. We got to know him when he was coaching the minor league team in Atlanta and he was doing some basketball analysis work. He's a really good guy who wants nothing more than to teach and be a successful coach.

He was an all-everything college basketball player at Georgia Tech and had a solid 15-year career in the NBA. According to this story, he took the job in part because it was a chance to prove he can make a team better with coaching.

We applaud him. And we'll try and keep up with how he does. If he can make the Posnack school a High School power, he'll prove he can do anything.

Good luck coach:

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